NHS Dentistry for Children in Deeside, Flintshire


At Deeside Dental Surgery we believe it is essential for children to start receiving the right dental care from an early age.

Childhood is a vital time in creating a maintaining good oral health and cementing good behaviours.

At Deeside Dental Surgery we offer a friendly and reassuring service to set your child up for healthy oral health into the future.

Dental Treatment for Children

  • Treatment is free until children are 18
  • We will always try and use mercury free fillings for children
  • For specialist issues with your child's teeth we have highly regarded orthodontic contacts we can refer you to
  • A child with toothache is never turned away
  • Tooth brush and oral hygiene instruction can be given

Experienced Dentists

We have vast experience in helping younger patients through dental treatment.

We understand it is very important to keep them calm and happy throughout and we're confident we can help any child no matter how anxious or nervous they might be.

We've helped children who've damaged their teeth in accidents - we are available in emergencies and out of hours cover if a child has lost or damaged their tooth in an accident.


1. How do I register my child with Deeside Dental Surgery?

Registration is very easy and quick. Simply contact either by contact form or by calling on 0800 025 7610 and our friendly staff will take you through the whole process step by step.

More information coming soon. Call us on 0800 025 7610 for more information or to book an appointment.

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